Extra RSS feeds now available

Extra RSS feeds now available

4th March 2009

ecb.co.uk has launched a whole host of extra RSS cricket feeds for users - mirroring the depth of cricket news coverage across the site.

ecb.co.uk now has multiple cricket RSS feeds available for cricket news, cricket scores from all matches, and cricket blogs.

In addition to the previous topline RSS feeds - for all news items, England news, domestic news, non first class news, blogs, live scores, women’s news, world news - new feeds have been set up for all the news sections throughout the site.

So there are now specific feeds for everything from the ICC World Twenty20 and England’s 2009 series in the Caribbean, to the ECB 50+ County Championship and Minor Counties cricket.

To find more information and get the feed you want to use visit the RSS section of the site

If you’re not sure what you need to do to be able to access these feeds - all you need is to install what’s called a news reader or news aggregator,.

This is a software programme that can automatically check for headline updates from ecb.co.uk and give you the links to click through for full details on the site.

You can find a variety of news readers for possible download on Google

Alternatively, if you use a web browser such as Firefox, Opera or Safari you can use the automation built in to them to pick up and view RSS feeds in your browser itself.

You can also use RSS feeds in many other sites, and free applications such as Alertthingy

And you’ll also be able to use them personalise your news experience with the new desktop application from ecb.co.uk launching ahead of summer 2009.