Will you be number 2,000?

Will you be number 2,000?

9th July 2009

The race is on to be the 2,000th signature on the One Game Pledge after the initiative moved to Westfield Shopping Centre in West London earlier this week.

More than 100,000 people have visited the centre with many adding their name when they visited the One Game stand in the centre’s giant atrium.

A unique display of images, depicting the diversity of cricket in England and Wales, are on show until July 17.

Chris Locke, one of the ECB’s Regional ‘V’ Managers, attended on Tuesday and felt that the exhibition is a great reflection of cricket in today’s world.

“Cricket is a sport in which a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds can be involved in,” he said.

“It’s a common misconception that sport, and cricket, is simply about the players of the game when in actual fact without the support of many volunteers and officials the game wouldn’t remain sustainable.

“Westfield gives us the opportunity to talk to people about the wider opportunities involved with cricket.”

Pete Ackerley, ECB’s Head of Development, attended the exhibition and was delighted by the scale of the project but more so by the opportunity to hear relevant feedback.

“We know what cricket players, officials and supporters feel about the game and in many respects, getting that feedback is easy as we are already engaged with the cricketing world.

“What the Westfield project has offered us is an opportunity to talk to those people who do not engage in cricket and their reasons for that.

“It’s astounding the amount of people who we have spoken to over the last week, who have either never played or used to play and want to engage in the sport either as a player or volunteer but don’t know how to go about it.

“For the ECB, understanding the barriers there are around the game is crucial and One Game is helping us to not only understand those barriers but to be able to continue to break them down.”

On Tuesday sees the launch of the One Game book - a complete collection of two years of photographic work. The launch will be centred around women’s and girls’ cricket. The ECB will be showcasing the trophies currently held by the England women’s team, including The World Cup.

The ECB are searching for the 2,000th signature and are inviting people to Westfield before next Friday to show their support. The winner will receive a One Game book and one of the iconic images from the display, signed by representatives from the England men’s, women’s and disability teams.