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Changes to ECB Clubmark criteria

Please see below for changes to the criteria for ECB Clubmark, effective immediately.

1. Extension of the ECB Clubmark Site Visit period to include September. The Site Visit period is now April to the end of September annually.

2. Change of title of the Sport Equity and Ethics section to ‘Knowing your Club and its Community – One Game’

3. Amendment to criteria 3.2 - attendance at the runningsports ‘Club For All’ workshop is no longer required. The amended criterion reads as follows:

  • a) The club has referenced and actioned through their Club Development Plan how they intend to recruit and retain members and support from the club’s local community
  • b)The evidence required will be the submission of an approved Club Development Plan by 31st October annually.

4. Addition of criteria 3.8 – One Game pledge. The new criterion reads as follows:

  • a) The club has signed up to cricket’s One Game pledge on the ECB Website
  • b)The evidence required is confirmation of One Game pledge submission by screen shot / printed confirmation of data entry on pledge page and screen shot / printed confirmation of thank you page following pledge.

5. Amendment to the Club Development Planning submission timescale to 31st October annually.

If you have any questions please contact your County Cricket Development Manager.

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