Club Open Days - FAQs

What is the aim of this year’s Club Open Days initiative?
ECB and Waitrose have teamed up to run the 2014 Club Open Days project to encourage and support clubs who want to hold events to recruit new players, members or volunteers, raise funds and / or raise their profile in the local community.

What are Waitrose contributing to the Club Open Days?
If your club is located WITHIN a 15 mile radius of a Waitrose store, you will be sent a myWaitrose card and instructions on how to spend your £100 in store (you will need to make arrangements with your local branch to do their shopping at a convenient time just before the event).

If your club is located OUTSIDE a 15 mile radius of a Waitrose store, you will receive a £100 Waitrose voucher to buy wine online to sell at your event.

My club plans to hold more than one Club Open Day event, will we receive £100 from Waitrose for each event?
No. Clubs will receive support for one event only.

I’ve signed my club up for this, what happens next?
Start planning your Club Open Day and how best you can use it for your club. Have a think about other possible activities that can take place for new visitors to your club and ways you can use the event to recruit new social members, volunteers, players or simply raise the profile of your club in its community etc.

ECB will be keeping in touch with you regarding overall promotional plans and when you can use the online toolkit and expect delivery of additional resources.

What will ECB provide to help my club promote its Club Open Day locally?
An online toolkit which will help you promote your event will be available soon.

We will also be providing clubs with a banner that can be used around the ground to promote your event, and some polo shirts for your event organisers/leaders to wear on the day.

What will the ECB do to promote this nationally?
We will run a campaign throughout the summer on ECB’s digital channels to highlight all the clubs who are running a Club Open Day. We may contact a small number of clubs to feature in the promotion of these events.

What do we have to do to run a Club Open Day?
We ask that you do the following:

  • Run an event by opening up your club to the local community with the aim of recruiting new people, raising money and / or raising the profile of your club.
  • Show the England match taking place on the day of your Open Day. Even if you don’t have Sky Sports you can pop the Channel 5 highlights on at the end of the day!
  • Be open to ECB sending local media to showcase your event.
  • Fill out a feedback form after the event.

What happens if we change the date of our Open Day or change what we’re planning to do after we register?
Please let us know at

Can my club run more than one Open Day?
Yes you can, but when filling in the registration form we just want to know about your main event.

Can my club still hold a Club Open Day if it can’t show England matches on TV?
Yes, your club could hold an event and show the Channel 5 highlights. Please let us know if you’re planning this by contacting us at

Is it too late to get Sky Sports in my club?
Click here to find out what Sky’s current deal to ECB affiliated clubs is.

Is there a deadline for registering my club?
To help us promote your event, we ask that you register by 18 June.