Marketing and sponsorship

A crucial element in a club raising both money and its profile is marketing and sponsorship; it’s important to be as proactive as possible within your community to help generate interest and investment in your club.

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When you think of sponsorship you may think it’s all just about asking businesses to invest large sums of money into your club, and what a difficult task this can be. That, however, is not the case…

Sponsorship can start off as small as someone being a match ball sponsor once a season, or just putting an advert in your End of Season Awards programme. These small examples can make a big difference over time and be of great value to the club.

We have produced a sponsorship presentation template for your club to use when presenting to local businesses / potential supporters in order to fully highlight all sponsorship opportunities available whilst showcasing the club in the best way possible.

Some or all of the suggestions may be applicable with regards to what your club can offer; you can amend it to fit best to your club’s circumstances.

Even if you don’t use the presentation as it appears here, why not use some of the ideas in it to create a ‘sponsorship’ flyer to send out to local businesses suggesting how they can support your club.

Sponsorship Pic

Click here to download our presentation template (3.1 MB)

Marketing your club

Whilst sponsorship is a great way of raising money for the club in a controlled way, it’s also so important for clubs to appreciate the value of their membership and local communities in terms of generating income.

Does your club regularly hold events open to members and the public? If so, how well are these events publicised? Do you have facilities available to hire? If yes, does your local community know? How well does your club communicate with its members about what is going on?

These issues are crucial for cricket clubs to manage efficiently and effectively to ensure that they maximise all possibilities for improving income. To that end, Sport England Club Leaders has developed a specific online Marketing tool for clubs*. This tool covers areas such as working with local media, using social media, sponsorship and evaluating marketing options available to you. It can also help you develop a Marketing Strategy.

Click here to find out more and how you can access this resource.

  • You will need to register on the site to access the Marketing support tools. This free of charge and will also give you access to their other useful resources; Good Governance, Business and Financial Planning, and Effective Facilities Management.