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Clubmark criteria changes

As part of the wider ECB Clubmark review and in line with suggestions and issues raised as part of the Clubmark surveys carried out in November 2009, an updated version of the ECB Clubmark folder is now in operation.

Fortunately, supplier issues beyond our control which caused a slight delay in the distribution of the folder have now been alleviated and any clubs who recently registered to work towards ECB Clubmark but have not yet received their folder can expect to do so in the very near future.

For clubs who are already accredited or are working with the previous version of the folder, please see the document below entitled 'List of Changes' for details of all material changes to the folder and accompanying CD ROM. Some of the amendments are minor in nature, but have been detailed for your information. A summary of general changes follows here.

ECB Clubmark folder

General format:

A number of changes have been made to the general format of the folder in an effort to make it more user-friendly and to remove any unnecessary duplication. This includes colour-coding the four distinct Clubmark areas and the addition of coloured edges to the relevant pages of each section to make them easier to identify and distinguish when flicking through the folder.

The relevant colour-coding is:

  • Duty of Care and Safeguarding Children – orange
  • The Cricket programme – blue
  • Knowing Your Club and its Community-One Game – purple
  • Club Management – green

All text in the folder has been changed in colour from blue to black for ease of reading and new title pages have been added to each section.

Former sections 10-13 which duplicated the criteria points detailed in the Evidence File Checklist for each of the four Clubmark areas have been removed, and an extra column entitled 'Evidence Submitted' has been added to the Evidence File Checklist.

In all tables of contact details, references to 'work' and 'mobile' telephone numbers have been changed to 'daytime' and 'evening'.


Many documents will have no material change to their content, but may have had a slight format change.

General format:

The colour of all text has been changed from blue to black and all body text is now font size 12, for ease of reading.

Sections for clubs to add their own information are now highlighted green instead of grey so that they stand our more clearly.

Some folders have been removed from the CD ROM to avoid duplication of the same documents in more than one folder, but all of the relevant documents are still included.

Additional supporting information in the form of thirteen factsheets, published by Sporting Equals, has been added to the CD ROM.

Sporting Equals is an independent body that promotes ethnic diversity across sport and physical activity in the UK. The factsheets provide information on the major religious and faith groups and emerging communities within the UK and issues which may be relevant to the participation of members of those communities in sport.

Copies of these factsheets can also be downloaded from the One Game section of the ECB website.

Copies of all of the CD ROM documents and templates are also available to download on the Clubmark Process pages of the ECB website.

For details of all material changes please see the “List of Changes” document, available to download below.

List Of Changes - ECB Clubmark (58 KB)

Any clubs who have recently registered for ECB Clubmark via their CDM and have not yet received a folder will shortly be receiving the updated 2010 version which they should start to work towards.

Site Visit Assessments

In all cases, clubs who are due to undergo their Site Visit Assessment between April and September 2010 will be assessed according to the new Site Visit Checklist. This applies both to clubs who are about to undergo the Site Visit Assessment either as part of their initial assessment to achieve ECB Clubmark accreditation, or those who are due to be re-assessed as part of their 3 year re-accreditation process. The updated Site Visit Checklist imposes no additional requirements on clubs and so should not cause any increased work to be necessary than was required by the former Site Visit Checklist.

Clubs working towards Evidence File Assessment

For clubs that are not yet accredited but are in the process of working towards ECB Clubmark accreditation, if they have already had their Evidence File Assessment successfully carried out, then there is no need to repeat that assessment. For any club that has a date set for their Evidence File Assessment before the end of May 2010, they may continue to work towards the previous version of the Evidence File Checklist for the purposes of that assessment. Any club that does not have their Evidence File Assessment scheduled before 31 May 2010 should work with the updated Evidence File Checklist and Site Visit Checklist and should expect to be assessed according to the updated criteria.

Annual Health Check Self Declaration

For clubs that are due to submit their Annual Health Check Self Declaration by the end of May 2010, they may continue to use the previous version of the Evidence File Checklist and Annual Health Check form until that date. Any clubs due to submit their Annual Health Check after 31 May 2010 should use the updated Checklist and Self Declaration form.

Because the updated criteria do not impose any additional obligations on clubs over and above what was required by the previous version of the ECB Clubmark criteria, the introduction of the updated folder is not expected to cause any undue difficulties.

Copies of all of the relevant updated documents, including the Evidence File Checklist, Site Visit Checklist and Annual Health Check Self-Declaration forms, as well as all documents and templates contained on the ECB Clubmark supporting CD ROM are available to download from the ECB website on the ECB Clubmark Process pages.

Hard copies of the Checklists are also available where required and requests should be made via CDMs.