2011/2012 Clubmark Materials Update

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Copies of all of the updated Checklists and supporting documents and templates are available to download HERE.

Details of amendments are as follows:

ECB Clubmark Criteria

1. ECB Clubmark Model Club Constitution

  • The Model Constitution template has been updated and now includes footnotes to assist clubs when making the changes required to suit their own particular circumstances, as well as making clear which elements are mandatory for Clubmark purposes and for Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) purposes.
  • A new Guidance Note highlights issues for clubs to consider when deciding which approach is the most suitable for them.
  • A new set of Model Cricket Section Regulations and an accompanying Guidance Note has been added for cricket clubs/sections that are part of a wider multi-sport club. Cricket sections are still required to meet all of the same criteria as stand alone cricket clubs and may decide to include the necessary ECB Clubmark requirements into the constitution of the over-arching multi-sport club. Alternatively, they may choose to adopt a distinct set of Regulations with an associated paragraph being inserted into the over-arching club constitution.
  • Clubs must still include a dissolution clause within their constitution specifying what would happen to any remaining assets of the club if it were wound up, but there are no ECB Clubmark restrictions on how these assets must be distributed. However, clubs that have CASC status will still have separate, strict CASC requirements to meet in this regard and these are detailed in the footnotes to clause 10 of the model.

2. Coaches are no longer required to attend the Equity in Your Coaching course (previously criterion 3.3).

  • We don’t include any unnecessary additional requirements over and above Sport England’s mandatory core Clubmark criteria within ECB Clubmark so as a result of this requirement being removed by Sport England it has also been removed from the ECB Clubmark criteria.

3. Clubs are no longer required to offer the parent / guardian of a junior member automatic non-voting membership (see criterion 3.6), but they may retain this procedure if they wish.

  • This provision was originally introduced at the request of some clubs and counties for a mechanism to assist them to deal with unruly parents, but it is no longer a mandatory criteria requirement. Alternatively, clubs can decide to deal with the issue by way of a stricter Code of Conduct for Club Members and Guests.
  • The template Code of Conduct, Junior Membership Form and Introductory letter for parents / guardians have been updated accordingly and the evidential requirements for criterion 1.5 have been amended. The key here is that for any person to be bound by the provisions of the Code of Conduct for Members and Guests it must be clear that they were aware of the provisions of the Code. (See criterion 1.5 and the updated templates and FAQs for further details).

Supporting Documents and Templates

The following documents have been updated and are available to download online or on the USB memory stick:

  • Model Club Constitution
  • Code of Conduct for Cricket Club Members & Guests
  • Junior Membership Form
  • Introductory letter for parents/ guardians
  • ECB Club Inclusion & Diversity Policy (formerly ECB Equity Policy)

The following new documents have been added:

  • ECB Clubmark Model Cricket Section Regulations
  • ECB Clubmark Guidance Note for Multi-Sport Clubs
  • ECB Clubmark Guidance Note for Cricket Clubs
  • ECB Clubmark Inclusion & Diversity Monitoring Guidance Note
  • Inclusion & Diversity Monitoring Form - this form is optional and has been introduced following requests from some clubs and counties for additional guidance on how best to collect this information.

General Amendments

  • All references to the club constitution in terms of evidence requirements should be read as “Club Constitution / Cricket Section Regulations” where relevant.
  • All support references to the ECB Clubmark Model Constitution template have been amended to read: “ECB Clubmark Model Constitution template and Guidance Note / ECB Clubmark Multi-Sport Club Guidance Note and Model Cricket Section Regulations”.
  • All references to the Time to Listen course for club Welfare Officers have been amended to refer to the new cricket-specific ECB Safe Hands Workshop for Club Welfare Officers.

Some other templates will have had minor format / text changes only.

Clubs must ensure they are always working to the most up to date version of the Checklists and Annual Health Check forms, currently November 2011.

All updates take effect immediately.