ECB Clubmark Process - Step 3

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The ECB Clubmark assessment is divided into two elements:

1. Assessment of your ECB Clubmark Evidence File

This is carried out using the ECB Clubmark Evidence File Checklist (0.9 MB), and can take place at any time during the year, either at the club or at another mutually agreed venue.

2. ECB Clubmark Site Visit

This is carried out using the ECB Clubmark Site Visit Checklist (378 KB), and evaluates how you have implemented and communicated the practices, policies and procedures within ECB Clubmark at your club. The Site Visit assessment must be carried out at your club venue between the months of April and the end of September (i.e. during the cricket season). You will be given notification of a 4 week period during which the Site Visit will take place. This ensures the assessor will get a true reflection of how the club is run on a day to day basis, as well as giving you time to prepare.

ECB Clubmark Nominated Officers - Each County Cricket Board has a group of ECB Clubmark Nominated Officers. Trained by the ECB, Nominated Officers are equipped to assess your ECB Clubmark Evidence File and perform your ECB Clubmark Site Visit. When you register for ECB Clubmark your County Board will allocate your club a Nominated Officer to support you through the process as you work towards accreditation. Your CDM or Nominated Officer should always be your first port of call for any ECB Clubmark queries.

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