ECB Clubmark Process - Step 5

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ECB Clubmark accredited status lasts for three years. However, the emphasis is on clubs maintaining ECB Clubmark standards on an ongoing basis.

Every third year an accredited club is normally required to review its ECB Clubmark Evidence File using the Evidence File Checklist and a further Site Visit will be conducted. Due to the fact that 2016 has been allocated as a "year of transition" the following has been agreed:

  • Clubs due to re-accredit in 2016 will be given a one-year extension to their existing award and will be required to complete a revised Annual Health Check process to ensure standards are maintained. This revised health check will be available from late November 2015. All of this will be managed by ECB from a central post via

A decision relating to re-accreditations 2017 and 2018 will be taken later in 2016 and will be communicated via the CCBs, ECB website and Club Support Newsletter.

For information on the ECB Club Annual Health Check 2016, please click here.