Play-Cricket: Benefits

Time Saving

  • The ability to share administrative tasks within your club or league
  • One centralised administration system avoiding replication of reporting tasks
  • One single database of information avoiding duplication of data
  • Greater efficiency, less phone calls, less administration

Better Communication

  • More effective two-way communication channels between clubs, leagues, counties and the ECB
  • Up-to-date member databases enabling more effective access to all cricket participants and administrators
  • Less dependency on captains, managers and administrators to communicate

Increased Information

  • One central point of reference for your club or league
  • More information getting to more people quicker and more cost effectively
  • Comprehensive team and player statistics driven by results and scorecards
  • Detailed match reports and player analysis
  • A single comprehensive network of all cricket information relevant to the club game - including ECB content and all kinds of automatically generated content (fixtures, results, news, statistics etc)

Encourage Participation

  • Increased visibility of information on club cricket will encourage greater participation
  • Encourage existing members to assist with administration


  • The standard Play-Cricket system is free
  • Reduced expenditure on phone calls postage & printing
  • A typical club website sponsorship deal should generate £250 - £1000 for your club, with no associated costs

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