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Sportsmatch applications boosted by 'Ashes effect'

Sportsmatch were flooded with applications from cricket clubs throughout the country for their April awards panel - obviously inspired by last summer’s historic victory over the Australians.

From Ainsdale CC, through practically every other letter in the alphabet, and on to Worlingworth Cricket Club, who even managed two applications, the schemes looking for funding poured in.

There was obviously no shortage of imaginative ideas and no shortage of sponsors for the 24 applications.

Cricket represented around one third of all applications for the last Sportsmatch panel with all but one for projects costing less than £10,000 and most of them well under £5,000.

“It’s great to see success filtering down from international levels to the grassroots of cricket,” said director, Mike Reynolds.

“Although, with lots of applications for awards from cricket at the start of each season over the past few years it is arguable that success has filtered up from Sportsmatch-backed schemes!”

A brief look at some of the successful cricket applications for Sportsmatch funding:


The All London Cricket League gained £5,000 sponsorship from London Colour, a drawing office, to provide a league for mainly ethnic minority clubs and community coaching around London. The scheme overcame problems that can exist in finding matches and venues for clubs that have very limited facilities and get excluded from mainstream leagues.

Beer match

Henley Cricket Club have been sponsored by Brakspear, the brewer, in training courses for umpires, scorers and coaches. The £1,000 will result in some 25 qualified officials who will work initially at a junior level.

Travelling team

New Beckenham Warriors CC was founded in 2005 and has managed to attract sponsorship from local travel agents, Business Travel Consultants, in its first year. The coaching scheme will reach 50 local youngsters in order to build playing numbers. Sponsorship will also pay to train umpires and build up stocks of equipment.

Heavy Roller

Rolls Royce CC have taken a lesson from Kevin Pietersen and found sponsorship from local goldsmith, Mirpur Jewellers, to stage a series of coaching sessions in local schools that will attract 300 participants. The sponsorship will put extra coaches into training and pay for transport.