England-Australia school link unveiled

Cricket Foundation

England and Australia may be about to do battle on the pitch, but the Cricket Foundation is doing its bit to foster relations between the countries by launching a special coaching project.

Four schools from the Chance to shine initiative in Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Cheltenham will linking up with four schools in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and rural east coast areas to help children learn about cricket and th geography, culture and life on the other side of the world.

Primary schools from Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Cheltenham have team up up with schools in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and rural east coast areas.

Pupils aged 8-11 will enjoy the educational benefits of their schools’ partnerships by writing letters and designing and creating a special commemorative wall.

The artwork, which will be made up of pieces from England and Australia, will depict images inspired by the Ashes, MCC Spirit of Cricket and the children’s home cities.

Wasim Khan, chief executive of the Cricket Foundation, said: “The twinning project is an exciting new direction for Chance to shine.

“It gives children the opportunity to converse with children thousands of miles away and learn more not only about cricket and the Ashes but also much wider areas such as geography, culture and playing in the right spirit.”

Another Ashes-themed activity as part of the Cricket Foundation’s partnership with MCC is a series of special Ashes quizzes, released in time for each Test. The quizzes can be found at www.lords.org.