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Royal appointment for Levick

Jeff Levick

Jeff Levick, who has been involved with grassroots cricket for more than 50 years, went to Windsor Castle to pick up his MBE

Disability cricket champion Jeff Levick said collecting his MBE from the Queen at Windsor Castle was an unforgettable day.

Levick, who has been involved in grassroots cricket for more than 50 years, was recognised in the New Year's Honours list and picked up his gong in early March.

"This has to go down as one of those days you'll always remember," Levick told

"It was a great experience. It really was quite an occasion and it went like clockwork. It was the sort of thing we do well as a nation."

Levick pioneered disability cricket in Hampshire, sharing his knowledge and experience nationally over many years through his role on the different national disability forums and more recently through his role as the Chairman of the ECB’s Regional Disability Cricket Development Forum.

He received a wonderful surprise in November when a letter arrived informing him of the MBE but he had to convince himself it was genuine and not a friend playing a nasty trick.

"I got a letter from the cabinet office," he said. "It asked if I wanted to accept an MBE in recognition of my services to cricket. I wasn't sure if it was someone taking the mickey out of me. I was it total shock. I could not believe it.

"The day itself was very personal. We got there early which meant my wife and two daughters got good seats for the ceremony.

"I went off into a separate room with the others who were receiving awards. I chatted to four or five people - it was amazing the diversity of what people were collecting awards for. Many of them were for their work in the community.

"It was all over in a flash. Trying to remember what you are supposed to say to the Queen and when to bow was difficult.

"The Queen is an amazing lady. She had some words for everyone. She asked how long I had been involved in disability cricket and what enjoyment I got from it. I can't really remember what my answers were.

"It was a great day and hopefully this will have a knock on effect for disability cricket in Hampshire."