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Thank you for viewing the ECB online support pages for College Cricket.

The content will provide a greater understanding of the programme; ideas for games to play and supportive resources to help market and record activity.

The ECB and AoC Sport Indoor 24 programme allows Further Education students of all abilities to enjoy playing cricket with their friends, in a new format and environment.

New Players – a chance for people that have never played cricket before, to ‘give it a go’ through fun, inclusive and safe sessions.

Lapsed Players – the exciting, relaxed and flexible formats will present cricket in a different light and appeal to players that may have previously dropped out.

Existing Players - current players will be able to enjoy the new format in the winter months, and will have the chance to play socially with their ‘non-cricketing’ friends.

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The programme will run across the first two terms of the academic year, beginning with intra college activity and ideally, an Intra College Indoor 24 league.

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There will also be the opportunity for players to progress into inter college competitions – catering for competetive teams (club cricketers) and participative teams (mixed, non-club players).

If you have any queries, or would like your college to be part of the Indoor 24 programme, please contact Cameron Hastie at

For participating colleges, please follow AoCSport Cricket on Twitter and tweet about your college sessions using #indoor24.

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