Getting Started

Indoor 24 Getting Started

In order to set sessions up, colleges will need to identify some willing volunteers – people that will be able to spare time to help advertise and run sessions.

These people do not need a coaching qualification (this programme is about participation, not coaching) and don’t necessarily have to be ‘cricketers’ – they just need to be able to make sure that the players are having a good time and enjoying their experience.

We realise that this type of event management is really useful to put on a CV, with volunteering experience adding real value and demonstrating that little bit extra to future employers or education institutions.

Therefore, each volunteer upon completion of the programme will receive an ECB certificate highlighting their contribution to our work within Further Education.

Watch our video to help you Get Started with your Indoor 24 programme

It will be important for us to collect data from each college, therefore, we are asking that all volunteers complete a register, and submit this on a regular basis to Cameron Hastie - - at AoC Sport.

Aoc Sport

In return, for those that do submit the report sheets, spot prizes and ‘stash’ will be awarded.

Furthermore, with the additional information about who is playing in your sessions, we will be able to feed this in to your local County Cricket Board, and they may decide to add further support to your programme. For this reason alone, it is imperative that we receive regular updates from our volunteers.

Everything you need in terms of marketing and administration can be found in the Resource section.

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