In terms of the actual activity, the online support package should allow volunteers to be able to set up some initial sessions.

Aoc Sport

The games displayed in the video clips below are just some examples of how you can introduce people to cricket, keeping them active and engaged as much as possible.

All games are flexible, so the rules can be adapted to suit the number of players, their ability, the size of the venue and the amount of time available.

Remember - fun sessions = happy players!


See how to play Continuous format

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Increase difficulty for experienced players
  • All involved...
  • ...Or teams

Volunteer manages the session from the side

Game Card - Continuous Cricket (1.4 MB)


Watch the video to see Cardio action

  • Excellent warm up
  • Perfect for all abilities
  • Multi ball
  • All involved

Volunteer manages session from wicketkeeper position

Game Card - Cardio Cricket (1.4 MB)


See how Diamond format works

  • Very fast
  • Lots of batting
  • Multi ball
  • All involved, or teams *

Volunteer manages the session as bowler

Game Card - Diamond Cricket (1.4 MB)


Learn how to play Pairs

  • First step to match play
  • Create even pairs on ability
  • Bat and bowl as a pair
  • All involved, or teams

Volunteer manages the session from umpire

Game Card - Pairs Cricket (1.4 MB)

* If you only have two sets of stumps, use two additional cones as alternatives

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