Progression: Indoor 24

Progression: Intra - College

Indoor 24 Intra College

After you have attracted enough interest through playing an assortment of different games, and people are really entering the spirit of the matches, it will be time to run an intra-college league, playing the Indoor 24 format.

Students can enter as teams and ideally you would want to ensure that teams were as even as possible.

This can be done by introducing rules around club cricketers (i.e. one or two per team) or having mixed teams (one or two females per team).

Watch the video to learn all about Indoor 24

  • Quick game – 24 balls per innings
  • Match play – teams of six players
  • Everyone bowls
  • Progression to Inter College Finals

Volunteer manages the session as umpire

Progression: Inter - College

Aoc Sport

After Term Two, there will be the opportunity for your college to progress to a Regional Final, hosted by AoC Sport.

The college will be able to enter an elite team into the ‘competitive’ strand of the Regional Finals, or a mixed team / non-club cricketer team into the ‘participative’ strand.

Success in the Regional Finals will lead to further progression, with your college representing the Region at the National Finals, which will be held at Edgbaston at AoC Sport College Sport Week.

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Indoor 24 Progression Inter College