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ECB finalising plans for local NatWest support for CricketForce 2005

The latest update from the CricketForce team:

ECB will be working closely with NatWest over the final weeks of the year to finalise plans for support from local NatWest branches and staff for clubs registered to take part in CricketForce.

NatWest plan to match staff interested in providing support with a suitable cricket club - and we will bring you further details in due course.

We would be grateful if all clubs could ensure that the correct event title NatWest CricketForce 2005 is used on all publicity and materials produced locally.

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NatWest have also agreed that the NatWest Community Cashback Scheme will form part of the package. NatWest staff are allowed one Community Cashback Award per year. The scheme was set up to reward those staff who give their time for their personal benefit. Existing NatWest cricket players/coaches etc who already claim annually for their club will not be able to claim an additional amount.

But if new NatWest employees become involved of their own accord they will qualify for a Community Cashback Award which will go to the cricket club they volunteer at. ECB will match all staff who wish to become involved with NatWest CricketForce 2005 with a suitable cricket club that has registered with us.

Other companies may offer Community Cashback Schemes - it is worth asking cricket Club members to ask their own employers.

ECB are planning to coordinate the delivery of commemorative CricketForce plaques (to leave each club with a legacy), T-shirts (numbers to be determined) and any other potential merchandise items to the address of the organiser registered by mid-March 2005.

Some clubs are involving Duke of Edinburgh scheme children in their plans, this is a great source of volunteer help.

The Whitbread group have indicated that they are willing to let cricket clubs have unwanted furniture and fittings from their hotels. ECB will look to match hotels with cricket clubs that have registered.

Other hotels on a local basis may also be interested and we would encourage cricket clubs to ask locally.