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Calne undergoes golden touch

Chris Tremlett, NatWest Cricket Force, Calne

Hampshire paceman Chris Tremlett applies a lick of paint to Calne's new shed

Calne Cricket Club put a lick of paint to their spanking new Beversbrook ground on their day as a NatWest CricketForce showcase club.

Wiltshire locals were joined by England and Hampshire fast bowler Chris Tremlett and World Cup-winning heroines Caroline Atkins and Anya Shrubsole to help with efforts at their new Beversbrook home.

The England trio helped paint the club’s new storage shed and a patio was laid at the front of the club’s new pavilion.

“It’s gone really well. We’ve had lots of people coming in and doing useful jobs around the club,” Steve Richards, NatWest CricketForce Project management leader at Calne, told

“We’re delighted to be moving to such a brand new facility and our own home. We’ll have the Beversbrook cricket pitch all to ourselves - that will be its sole purpose. We’ve had a grant from the ECB for the wicket, which as we know, is paramount.

“Our old pitch at Anchor Road was fantastic, but we often had bikes riding over it and you know how cricketers appreciate their privacy.

“The third XI will be moving over here to play this year as guinea pigs I suppose, but we’re confident the facilities will be good enough for everyone to come over next season.

“We started a third XI this year purely as a result of a surge in interest of youngsters wanting to play cricket.”

Work also went on with a fence around the boundary and new sightscreens were erected at either end.

Atkins, whose 251 runs were crucial in securing England’s World Cup triumph in Sydney last month, was glad to get her overalls on after basking in the trophy glow.

“After looking at all the trophies it was nice to get painting a shed and be helpful,” said the opening batsman from Sussex.

“There’s been lots of volunteers here, girls playing and women helping out, which is important in developing the women’s game.

“The girls here at Calne have been enjoying the NatWest Extreme Bowling competition. And it was pretty extreme because me and Anya struggled a bit with it! The machine goes up to the 10-mark, but at three it was still a bit pacey!

“It’s been great that so many people are excited about us winning the World Cup.

“People have said well done without actually asking how we got on! So we got quite a lot of coverage this time and people are aware of our achievement.”