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Club offer on new Daktronics scoreboard

Uppingham Scoreboard

Durant Cricket is now offering a new scoreboard to NatWest CricketForce clubs - Durant Cricket and Daktronics having teamed up to create the new CR2011 scoreboard.

The CR2011 comes with a retail price of £3840 + VAT. NatWest CricketForce members can purchase at the discounted price of £3200 + VAT.

The scoreboard comes with a number of features and is excellent value for money combining all of the required information with the latest LED technology.

Durant Cricket

Durant Cricket managing director Cristian Durant commented: "We felt there was a gap in the scoreboard market. Most clubs can afford our excellent value for money CR2002 scoreboard; however we found a lot of clubs also wanted to display batsmen scores.

"Previously the clubs would be looking at a significant jump in price to our comprehensive CR2003 scoreboard, which includes a wide range of information including batsmen scores and IDs.

"With the help of Daktronics, we launched the new CR2011, which sits perfectly in the middle of the two existing boards."

The CR2011 can display 15 digits and is ideal for a wide range of clubs. The board can be controlled wirelessly from up to 200 metres away and is compatible with Total Cricket Scorer.

For more information on the CR2011 scoreboard and other Daktronics scoreboards please visit the Durant Cricket website

Delivery and or installation extra to prices dependent upon location or complexity

Uppingham Scoreboard