Project Development

Developing a Project - From Concept to Completion

Pavilion, Ashtead CC, March 14 2009

When embarking on the development of a facility project, careful consideration and planning is required to ensure the final product meets the original concept.

The purpose of the document below is to set a clear project development methodology in taking any new facility from concept to completion.

This document will assist any type of facility project meeting the requirements of potential partners/funders and the aspirations of people engaged as deliverers of sport.

“Developing a Project” provides advice and guidance with a series of useful links and contacts to support you throughout the process. The document has been written in conjunction with the England and Wales Cricket Board’s Funding Programmes Guidance Notes.


Developing a project - from concept to completion (8.6 MB)

Developing Your School Site

Developing Your School Site

The ‘Developing Your School Site’ document offers advice and guidance for schools and designers when planning indoor and outdoor cricket facilities, from sports halls to fine turf and non-turf provision.

Furthermore this document is intended to give an overview of the support ECB can offer in development of your project.

Developing Your School Site (2.3 MB)

Helpful tips on developing your project

Make enquiries as to what is available and decide exactly what you want (see guidance notes)

Seek advice from specialists - ECB, consultants etc. You can email the Places team on

Design the scheme based on the key requirements and characteristics. This involves specifications, technical briefing notes, drawings etc based on your site conditions

The proposed design should be reviewed by the ECB or the funding authority prior to committing to estimates or quotations

Ask whether you can you afford to maintain the facility you are designing?

And remember, time spent planning is invaluable in the long term!

Planning applications

Project Development - St Bedes

It is worth considering that any planned improvement to facilities, be it fine turf works, non turf practice, buildings or even advertising may require planning permission.

Any club that is considering a project to build a new facility or make a change to your existing facilities should download and read:

'Making a planning application - A guide for sports clubs' (1.1 MB).

This guidance note has been produced by Sport England and is endorsed by ECB."

Chard CC in Somerset is enjoying brand new facilities designed to promote the women's and girls' game after funding assistance from ECB