Developing the Right Sports Hall

It is estimated that there are just over 4,500 sports halls in England of three badminton court size or above; a mix of local authority (17%), education (76%), commercial (2%) and other (5%) providers.

Regardless of provider, this guidance will ensure that maximum cost-benefit is achieved from any further capital investment into new or existing sports halls, and that these spaces are programmed to link well together with other outdoor provision.

Robust sports development, business planning and partnerships will make it possible for operators to guarantee all year round usage for sport with a guaranteed return on investment.


ECB's TS3 document on Indoor Sports Halls with Cricket Provision is available to download here on

The England and Wales Cricket Board are charged with implementing a strategy across all forms and levels of the game.

Central to this is the provision of high quality locally available indoor practice facilities. As the game seeks to complement a Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) pathway the access to facilities all year around for technical training is critical.

This guidance note provides practical advice for clients and designers on the issues that need to be considered when designing Indoor Sports Halls with Cricket Provision.

Download TS3: Guidance on Indoor Sports Halls with Cricket Provision