Developing the Right Sports Hall

It is estimated that there are just over 4,500 sports halls in England of three badminton court size or above; a mix of local authority (17%), education (76%), commercial (2%) and other (5%) providers.

Regardless of provider, this guidance will ensure that maximum cost-benefit is achieved from any further capital investment into new or existing sports halls, and that these spaces are programmed to link well together with other outdoor provision.

Robust sports development, business planning and partnerships will make it possible for operators to guarantee all year round usage for sport with a guaranteed return on investment.

Developing The Right Sports Hall 2011


ECB's TS2 document on Cricket Specific Indoor Centres is available to download here on

Specialist centres are expensive to build and without combining with other sports programming time, expensive to maintain.

Therefore, if necessary, indoor cricket schools should be designed with multiple use in mind. This will affect the design of the proposed centre, making the production of a comprehensive design brief an essential part of the planning stage.

However, many cricket specific centres are well established and would require only an upgrading of the current facility to achieve the recommended minimum requirements.

It is essential that certain critical factors be identified when installation takes place, and this document lists suggested recommended minimum requirements for a Cricket Specific Indoor Centre.

Download TS2:

(Please note that a revised version of this design guidance is due to be published shortly. For clarification on any design issue please contact )

TS2 - Cricket Specific Indoor Centres


ECB's TS3 document on Indoor Sports Halls with Cricket Provision is available to download here on

The England and Wales Cricket Board are charged with implementing a strategy across all forms and levels of the game.

Central to this is the provision of high quality locally available indoor practice facilities. As the game seeks to complement a Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) pathway the access to facilities all year around for technical training is critical.

This guidance note provides practical advice for clients and designers on the issues that need to be considered when designing Indoor Sports Halls with Cricket Provision.

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TS3 - Indoor Sports Halls with Cricket Provision


ECB backed a major indoor development at St Bede's Catholic High School in Lancashire, providing excellent facilities for the schoolchildren, plus local club use, coaching and general cricket development in the area



Many people want to play a game where less time is involved. Indoor Cricket seeks to speak to new audiences who naturally gravitate towards short forms of the game.

This is a very exciting time for modified forms of sport as we have witnessed with the remarkable success of the Twenty20 format of cricket. As cricket continues to broaden its offer and its appeal, Indoor Cricket will reach out into communities and provide an attractive short form of the game.

It compliments the outdoor game of cricket and for those who want to play all year round it is a great way to do so.

Indoor Cricket can be played by all. It can be played in mixed gender teams and family teams. It is a game that can be played by all levels of ability. Everybody gets a chance to bat and bowl. There is little doubt that many players of the future will be introduced to cricket via this game.

This TS7 standard describes the requirements for tensioned nets designed for forming the enclosed Indoor Cricket court. In addition to Indoor Cricket the courts are used for playing small-sided football and a form of indoor netball.

This Standard has been developed in conjunction with sports netting installers and following the physical testing of installations in existing Indoor Cricket Arenas affiliated to the England and Wales Indoor Cricket Board.

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ECB's Mike Gatting and England Women's Jenny Gunn were at the Willows Sports Centre in Derby to launch its new indoor cricket facilities