Fundraising FAQs

1. My Cricket Club needs to raise money, where do I start?

a. The ECB has a page dedicated to ‘Generating Income’ for Cricket Clubs. This page contains a number of ideas for Fundraising.

2. What tools are available to my Club to help with Fundraising?

a. The following tools are available to clubs to help with Fundraising:

  • Fundraising Guide for Cricket Clubs. This contains a number of tips to get you started in fundraising schemes and events as well as a catalogue of fundraising ideas, from bake sales and quizzes, to casino nights and beer festivals.
  • Video clips showing a number of Clubs giving fundraising advice following their successes are available to view on our Generating Income pages.

3. As well as Fundraising events, my Club could do with more sponsorship. Is there any advice available on this?

a. Sponsorship is an important part of income generation for Cricket Clubs and with careful planning, it can be very lucrative. The ECB has produced two booklets that provide advice in this area; the Fundraising Guide for Cricket Clubs; and the Marketing Your Club guide: Marketing Your Club (800 KB)

4. What are in-kind contributions?

a. An in-kind contribution is where you receive a donation or are paid by way of goods, commodities or services, instead of money. Often an organisation will be more likely to support you with an in-kind contribution and may be put off if you ask for cash. Think of ways that local companies to you can support you in other ways than cash i.e. discounts, old/end of line stock, hiring of equipment, labour etc. In-kind contributions can be an effective replacement for cash sponsorship. The ECB’s initiative NatWest CricketForce advocates the potential of in-kind contributions and the huge benefits they can bring to Cricket Clubs.

5. Is there any advice or resources available for our Club Treasurer?

a. Financial advice to Cricket Clubs is available by way of our Financial Management FAQs