For as long as cricket has been played, one of the most important factors responsible for the quality of play is the surface on which the match is played.

For four-day matches, the ideal pitch is one that allows every facet of the game an opportunity and every cricketer the chance to perform to their best, whether they are seam bowlers, batsmen or spinners.

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In one-day cricket, the pitch should be one that allows batsmen to have their day, and thus provide the entertainment that as spectators we have all grown to love.

We shouldn’t forget outfields either – spectacular fielding can only happen on the finest surfaces.

The aim is to produce surfaces that will allow the best cricketers to develop and then provide exciting matches for the wider audience.

Further information:

Download the new TS4 document - Recommended Guidelines for the construction, preparation and maintenance of cricket pitches and outfields at all levels of the game

Cricket equipment trailer available to clubs and local pitch advisors are all helping to improve square standards across the country