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Ipswich make planning an art

Ipswich CC have set the benchmark for NatWest CricketForce planning with a massive effort to make sure their April 5 event is a huge success.

The Suffolk club will be in the spotlight as one of ECB's showcase events on NatWest CricketForce weekend, and it promises to be some day at their Clay Hall ground.

Ipswich CC - Natwest Cricketforce 2009 - Clay Hall Site Plan

A site plan for the day for Ipswich's Clay Hall ground

As their 19-page planning document kicks off: "Ipswich Cricket Club are delighted to be selected as a feature club in 2009. This will provide a major stimulus into galvanising our already healthy number of volunteers."

The club's meticulous planning will not only pay dividends on the day, but as they explain: "As well as increasing our club profile we may engage new participants to our club project. The legacy that a successful weekend can provide is immense.

"Although we only were formed five years ago we are now on the threshold of a major push forward with substantial investment to complement our existing structure. Comprehensive planning by a sub-committee for this weekend has taken place over several months.

"Some projects initially identified may already have been completed or commenced before or after the feature weekend but are nevertheless identified as part of the overall development project.

"As well as CricketForce the club volunteers are currently engaged in the new build of Home Field changing rooms which will provide facilities of the latest and highest standards. Demolition of the old portacabin has already been completed. 15 Major Projects have been identified and approved by the Main Committee."

Ipswich's NatWest CricketForce projects:

1 New Decking Area
2 New Scorebox and Scoreboard
3 Hit & Miss Fencing Home Field Entrance
4 Painting New Shed Nets Area
5 Wire Fencing Hackers Field Drive Boundary
6 Wire Fencing Home Field Top Boundary
7 Wire Fencing Hackers Field Winter Store Area
8 New Barbeque
9 Cleaning Home Field Sight Screens
10 Garden Makeover
11 Cladding Groundsmans Container
12 New Changing Room Access to Home Field
13 Drainage Net Area
14 New Guttering Hackers Field Covers
15 Refurbishment Hackers Field Sight Screens

These documents below show what Ipswich have been working on pre-event to make sure the day itself goes off superbly:

Ipswich CC - NatWest CricketForce 2009 Projects (23 KB)
Ipswich CC - NatWest CricketForce Project Plans (48 KB)