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Macknade benefits multiply

Macknade CC, an ECB showcase club for NatWest CricketForce 2007, are continuing to show the benefits of the event several years on as they gear up to participate in 2011.

As well as demonstrable success on the field, that saw both the Kent outfit’s teams promoted in 2010, they are still reaping the community benefits off the field, as Macknade’s secretary Trevor Martin outlined to

"The club received a very generous offer to help increase the number of hires of the clubhouse by revamping it to add ‘sparkle’ in September from a local building company,” he said.

“They did help in 2007 & 2008 but following their sponsorship of the local football club decided to further help out Macknade. Donations from them include plumbers and carpenters to provide the specialist help to do the revamp.

“They have provided a stud wall to make a considerably larger kitchen, porcelain tiles for the uncarpeted areas of the clubhouse; a new heating system, new lighting, and second hand kitchen equipment.

“In addition they provided a new front door and all paint and materials needed to completely refurbish the clubhouse.

“An electrician donated his time and some materials to rewire the building. The company arranged for kitchen unit sinks to be supplied for £500 and got an oven and hob thrown in.

“A local alarm company supplied a new alarm system for £450 instead of £800 installed.

“A small number of members carried out all the non specialist work such as painting and labouring for the professionals.

“And the Club has also had donations from Build Centre, Bretts Concrete, K Childs Builders, Jewson and M&J Supplies - which has enabled concrete net bases to be laid.

“The club has most of the materials to build the new nets between now and the start of the season.”

A Sport England Small Grant enabled the club to buy a new Autoguide Junior Roller to replace their Aveling and Porter road roller as its engine was unrepairable.

A legacy has enabled the club to purchase a new 50” TV to finish off the clubhouse. And Shepherd Neame have donated £2000 to enable shutters to be installed on the bar, which should be done by NatWest CricketForce weekend in April.

The total cost to club for all the above is estimated at £3000, with a total value, excluding members’ time, in the region of £45K.

Since the start of NWCF in 2005 Macknade members have worked throughout the year not just on NWCF weekends to continually improve the club’s facilities.

Martin added: "It’s hard to remember where each Natwest CricketForce starts and ends, so much has been done particularly since the showcase year by a dedicated band. Once the clubhouse was again usable we invited all those that worked on the project in for a small thank you drink (free to them of course) and surprised one in particular, Tim Field, who has provided invaluable building expertise to the club over the past six years by making him an hon. Life Member.

"Now about getting those net lanes finished - well done back to work!"