Netting repairs made simple

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Replacing worn and torn netting has never been so easy for NatWest CricketForce clubs.

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Durant Cricket’s netting calculator gives an instant online quote for netting suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Managing Director Cristian Durant said: "We understand that the build-up to a new season is a busy time for all cricket club members so we are always on the look out to make ground equipment preparation as easy as possible.

"Nets are in constant use pre-season and need to be kept in good condition for players to develop their skills in a safe environment. With a single click you can get a no-obligation quote which can be used to place an order, ensuring the netting is received by clubs as swiftly as possible."

Replacement Netting

Clubs registered for this year's NatWest CricketForce qualify for great discounts when they order from Durant Cricket

The netting calculator is just one of the resources made available by Durant Cricket as part of their commitment to supplying cricket ground equipment suitable for clubs of all levels to help the development of the game.

Their scoreboard and covers installation maps allow NatWest CricketForce members to locate the nearest installations and view the equipment in use.

Replacement netting is available in black, white and green through Durant Cricket with significant discounts available for NatWest CricketForce members.

For more information visit the Durant Cricket website.