Business Energy Direct

Is your club spending too much money on electricity or gas? Has an energy supplier treated your club unfairly in the past? Does your club want to avoid the automatic renewal of energy contracts and pay less in future

Business Energy Direct are independent energy brokers who have 10 years of experience within the utility industry. They have a diverse client portfolio, including companies representing many major industries across the UK.

Business Energy Direct

They aim to help clubs of all sizes, reduce energy and telecom costs by utilising their contract procurement service. Their primary objective is to simplify an often complex process and obtain the best possible price, without compromising service.

Business Energy Direct are heavily involved with their local cricket club and have a very good understanding of how clubs operate and the budget constraints that need to be adhered to.

They offer free impartial advice as well as a first class service and have reduced energy costs for thousands of businesses and organisations.

Business Energy Direct will take away the hassle of dealing with inefficient energy suppliers, in what is widely acknowledged as the worst service industry in the UK.

Endless telephone calls and communication with energy suppliers, costs clubs time and money. During the contract procurement process, they can carry out cost comparisons as well as offering site specific budget advice.

Business Energy Direct offer a variety of services including meter/supply installations, and upgrades (arrangement), billing and contract disputes, telephone and internet accounts, tariff analysis and capacity amendments, recovery audits/rebates/account balance negotiation.

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Total cricket club savings per County after help from Business Energy Direct (200 KB)
Support from Business Energy Direct for Appleton CC (67 KB)