Jewson Privilege Account Scheme 2013 Guidance Notes

1. Aim

The Jewson Privilege Account Scheme aims to help cricket clubs make improvements to their facilities and grounds.

2. How does the Scheme work?

2.1 Jewson will issue up to 1400 privilege Accounts (Accounts) on a first come first served basis (with no more than one Account available per club).

2.2 Each of the Accounts will be provided with £400 pre-loaded credit to spend in Jewson branches (see for product range).

2.3 To activate an Account a cricket club must pay £100 up front; this is non-refundable. This will give a total account of £500 to spend.

2.4 Jewson will add value to the Account by providing additional discounts / preferential rates on selected products (this varies regionally and can be discussed with the Jewson branch manager).

2.5 Once the money in the Account has been spent, the Account will become a Cash Account whereby a club can continue to purchase Jewson products with the same terms as before by paying in cash up front.

3. Eligible Applicants

3.1 Only ECB Affiliated cricket club registered for NatWest CricketForce 2013 can apply for this Scheme. (Registration for NatWest CricketForce is free, via

3.2 Clubs that successfully applied for the 2012 Build Center Privilege Account Scheme are not eligible for the 2013 Jewson Privilege Account Scheme (3.4 in the 2012 Guidance Notes).

3.3 Cricket clubs can apply for only one Account.

3.4 Successful Clubs will not be able to apply for another Account in the following year’s scheme, should it continue.

4. When does the Jewson Privilege Account Scheme open and close?

4.1 This fund will open to applications on 28 January 2013.

4.2 This fund will close to applications on 18 May 2013 or upon the date that all 1400 Accounts have been awarded.

5. The Application Process

5.1 The application is via an online form at

5.2 Each applicant Club will be checked by ECB to verify registration in NatWest CricketForce 2013.

5.3 ECB will send the details of successful Clubs to Jewson to enable Jewson to contact the Club and set up the account. In completing the application, each Club consents to the ECB providing this information to Jewson.

5.4 Unsuccessful Clubs will not be notified by either ECB or Jewson.

6. What happens if the applicant is successful?

6.1 Jewson will send out a welcome pack to each successful Club including:

  • Account details;
  • Information on how to activate the Account (including how the payment of the £100 must be made);
  • Contact details of local Jewson store and Account Manager; and
  • Information on how to use the account

6.2 Successful applicants may be required to complete a NatWest CricketForce case study.

7. Activating and using an Account

7.1 Clubs must activate their Account (pay £100 to Jewson) no later than 18 August 2013.

7.2 Once an Account has been activated the cricket club has until 18 November 2013 to spend the money in their Account.

7.3 Funds from inactivated Accounts as well as unspent funds remaining in activated Accounts after 18 November 2012 will be reallocated to new clubs in the following year.

8. Additional requirements and limitations

8.1 The ECB reserves the right to change or withdraw the Scheme at any time.

8.2 Upon activating the Account, Clubs will be entering into an agreement solely with Jewson.

8.3 The ECB is not a party to and will play no part in the management of Accounts. The ECB will not enter negotiations or be involved in any disputes between any Club and Jewson.

8.4 Clubs activating the Account must agree to abide by the terms of use of the Account set out by Jewson. Clubs are advised to read the terms of use before activating the Account.

8.5 Neither this Guidance Note nor any other information supplied by the ECB (or its officers or agents) in relation to the Scheme constitutes a contract or an offer which is capable of acceptance by a Club. These guidelines do not contain any representation upon which any Club is entitled to rely at any time.

8.6 The ECB (and its officers and agents) will not be responsible for any costs, losses or expenses which Clubs or any other parties incur in the preparation or submission of any applications or in complying with any of the requirements set out above.

9. Contacts

9.1 If you have any queries about this scheme, further to what is written in these Guidance Notes, please email