NatWest CricketForce 2005 - club achievements and anecdotes

We have been flooded with details of the achievements of clubs participating in NatWest CricketForce 2005 - both via the evaluation forms you have filled in, and general news sent to

We thought it would be nice for clubs to be able to share each other's achievements and interesting stories, so we're publishing a selection of them here for you:

Upchurch CC - Kent
Steve Parker organised all the work that needed to be done. His son Daniel Parker (aged 13) contacted all of the young people connected to the club to ask them to help. Not many refused him! The fixture secretary was so impressed with the effort and hard work from everyone that he paid for their lunch - sausage and chips!

Salesbury CC - Lancashire
Salesbury CC is a small village cricket club which, in the past, has struggled to get more than half a dozen members to a working party. We couldn't involve any external bodies/publicity as we did not have the organisation/manpower to form a committee to

NatWest CricketForce South Loughton

CricketForce painting at its best, with these volunteers at South Loughton CC in Essex

carry this out. However, CricketForce has been a great success at our club [the club detailed a mass of jobs done]. To go from six volunteers to 37 is fantastic and we couldn't have done it without the publicity and interest generated by CricketForce - thanks very much.

Havering-atte-Bower CC - Essex
Put in a new kitchen, painted the exteria or the clubhouse, repared the practice net poles and replaced the net which was five years old, repaired and repainted the site screen, replaced the bar sink unit, general tidy of clubhouse and ground, normal pre season maintenance.

Stourbridge CC - Worcestershire
Paul Growcot was painting the flag pole, dropped the tin while coming down the ladder and thought it a good idea to jump the last few rungs to catch the tin. Well you guessed it - the paint covered him, two wheelbarrows and a grassed area to the great amusement of everyone watching! Sorry to say, Paul will not be joining the circus.

Lindum CC - Lincolnshire
Our youngest volunteer was Jack Quincey, born March 22 at 9lbs 3 oz. Jack is the fourth generation of the Quincey family at the club; Big Jim, his great grandfather, is Club President.

Werneth CC - Lancashire
Creosoated fence panels (90 litres), cleared a footpath 5m x 400m, fixed all boundary advertisents, cleared overgrown car park, trimmed boundary, rolled square for three hours, cleaned artificial nets, painted sightscreens, pruned all brushes & privets.

Huish and Langport - Somerset
The club captain, who co-ordinated the event and supervised the Health and Safety as an IOSH qualified individual, ended up headlong in a bush after manfully failing to break a dead branch!

Chartridge CC - Bucks
Sam Fisher's failure to demostrate that the new kitchen units could take a significant amount of weight. In front of everyone he perched himself onto one of the units only for the legs to give way. Not only did his demostration fail but he then had to repair the damaged unit, which to his credit he did successfully.

Old Xaverians CC - Lancashire
We used a contact to obtain the services of a tree surgeon to remove a large tree, to make room for the site earmarked for a new net area.

Bude North Cornwall CC - Cornwall
Seven people camped over at the event but only five had sleeping provisions; one ended up sleeping in a trailer amongst the rubbish (earning the name Stig of the Dump) and the other built himself an abode out of MDF.

Sevenoaks Vine CC - Kent
A group of 20 with hired lorry and various power tools went to Kent Police Cricket ground to dismantle four sets of covers and two sightscreens that we had purchased second hand. These were then re-erected back at our main ground (some 20 miles away) and some running repairs undertaken.

Papplewick and Linby - Notts
A group of the U15s under the guidance of a couple of senior volunteers, with the juniors working non-stop for nearly six hours reclaiming the nets back from nature. Several have the blisters to prove it!

Kington CC - Herefordshire
We had volunteers from age 5 to 74 - everyone painted! Oh, and a dog!

Wolverton Town - Bucks
One of the neighbours joined in all day on Saturday; she had lived at the back of the ground for 11 years and never been on it. She enjoyed the day helping rub down and paint - needless to say her part of the fence was well painted!

Kelvedon & Feering CC - Essex
Complete renewal of rabbit fencing round ground. New net surrounds including root and mole protection.

Micklehurst CC - Lancashire
In conjuction with B&Q Neighbourhood Grant Scheme we had £450 goods delivered as a project to regenerated areas surrounding the club in maintaining the environment.

Bloxwich - Staffs
Clearing a full size overgrown tennis court,in readiness for outdoor net area.

Bradford & Bingley - Yorks
Particular thanks are recorded to the B&Q staff at Keighley who were extremely helpful in steering our application for a grant yielding materials up to £500.

Matlock CC - Derbyshire
At 10.30am on Saturday a gentlemen drove onto the ground and annouced himself as Malcolm Kinder from Bolton in Lancs. Who had read in the press about the CricketForce initiative. He himself being a NatWest customer had decided to come to Matlock to donate a days work at the club he enjoyed playing for in the early 1960s. The club considered this to be a wonderful gesture and would like to thank ECB & NatWest for making this reunion possible.

Prescott & Odyssey CC - Lancs
We may have had the youngest volunteer - nine-week old Megan Pearl, daughter of members Nigel Pearl and Jo Poole.

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