Alternative Sources of Water for Irrigation

It is strongly advised that that any club appoints a suitably qualified and experienced consultant in planning and executing any work of this type. The reader should note that this advice is for the production of water for irrigation only and not for drinking. In any case the water produced should be routinely tested for water quality for irrigation purposes.

The majority of cricket clubs use mains water for watering pitches and grounds – the same water used for drinking and bathing. But that mains water is under stress in many regions due to low rainfall, leaks and high demand from us in our homes and businesses.

Due to the effects of climate change and population growth, mains water is likely to become more costly to use and more restricted for uses other than drinking and hygiene.

Irrigation water does not need to be drinking water quality and there are alternatives. These include using rainwater, river water and groundwater. Sustainable water management usually involves abstracting or capturing water, storing this and then pumping it out to your square.

The following guidance helps you decide if an alternative source of water is available for irrigation;

Sources of Information

  • The Environment Agency -
  • SAPCA (Sports and Play Construction Association – directory of member consultants specialising in irrigation) -
  • UK Irrigation Association (an independent body with a directory of consultants and irrigation engineers) -
  • The UK Groundwater Forum (providing advice on groundwater abstraction) -
  • The Well Drillers Association (an organisation of companies providing borehole drilling services) -