Energy prices are likely to continue rising – 60 per cent of clubs surveyed (from a sample size of 45 clubs in 2011) confirmed that their energy bills have risen to a point where it causes their operation significant financial stress.

It is therefore essential that clubs take proactive steps to reduce their energy consumption, where possible. Understanding your energy consumption will help you to address this, for more information please see our guide to “Understanding Your Energy Consumption” which you can download as a PDF below:

Understanding your energy consumption (138 KB)

There are a number of simple ways in which clubs can save energy, to learn more, have a look at our “Top Tips for Saving Energy” guide below:

Top Tips for Saving Energy (317 KB)

Watch our video about tips on saving energy with advice from Ashton on Mersey CC

Learn more about the use of solar energy by watching our video about the experiences of Ashton on Mersey CC

Online Resources

If there is a specific area you would like to know more about, there are a series of online resources which provides more information.

Design Showcase

735 X 371 Showcase

The Pavilions & Clubhouses Micro Site provides useful information on:

  • the use of natural light using means such as sun scoops
  • improving energy efficiency through enhanced roof & wall insulation and/or glazing
  • ventilation
  • refrigeration

Boilers and Hot Water Systems

A significant proportion of energy use in the club house is for heating water, take a look at our guide on “Boilers and Hot Water Systems” for more information below:

Boilers and hot water systems (163 KB)