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Whitwell ready for NWCF debut

Whitwell Cricket Club has been rewarded for their forward thinking and innovative ideas ahead of their maiden NatWest CricketForce voyage with a kitbag full Derbyshire County Cricket Club clothing.

This year is a landmark one for the club after deciding to register for NWCF for the first time. As part of the Derbyshire Cricket Board’s initiative to help clubs get the best out of the ECB’s showcase event, they were asked what they wanted to achieve from NatWest CricketForce?

Whitwell's response was as follows...

“This is Whitwell’s first year in NatWest CricketForce. As a committee we were (are) nervous about whether we can make the day a success but already our goals are changing. From just trying to encourage a few of the regulars plus one or two others to try and paint a storage container, we are now seeing interest from members of the community who we never expected to be interested.

"Most excitingly we are making contacts with other community groups who are keen to help us and we are genuinely amazed.

"For years we acted in isolation but in actual fact we should be at the centre of our community. Our goal has moved on from painting the container to making sure that the event shows us to be at the centre of our community."

Alan Draycott, Whitwell CC’s Director of Youth Cricket, was delighted to win a kitbag of goodies.

“I would like to thank the Derbyshire Cricket Board for all the support they offer our small community club," he said.

"We will definitely be making good use of this kit and I am sure that this will help us to galvanise both the club and the community."

Neil Birkitt, DCB Volunteer Co-ordinator, added: “Whitwell CC has really bought into the NatWest CricketForce ethos and are looking to use it as a platform to reach out to the wider community. This will hopefully leave a lasting legacy that sees them go from strength to strength.”

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