Become a Cricket Sports Maker

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Cricket In The Park

Cricket is becoming more accessible than ever before and we need Sports Makers to help us introduce people to easy cricket.

Sport Makers

Easy cricket gives people the opportunity to regularly play cricket, get fit and have fun in a social environment. Unlike the traditional game there are no time restraints with easy cricket and just like the name suggests it’s easy to play.

Easy cricket isn’t bound by rules which means all abilities of players can join in and have fun and it can be played in any space available either indoor or outdoor, and as it is played with a soft ball no pads or helmets are needed.

To encourage new people to play cricket and lapsed players to pick up a bat again the concept of easy cricket is to get people playing within an environment that is familiar and convenient to them. This might be during a lunch break or after work, between lectures at University or in the park with friends, or even for parents who are watching their children play or train at a cricket club.

Making it happen

Car Park Cricket

As a Sport Maker you can make easy forms of cricket happen in your workplace, college, university or community.

A cricket Sport Maker is the person who:

  • Enthuses and motivates a group of people to get active, have fun and participate
  • Finds somewhere to play (local park, piece of ground near your workplace etc)
  • Arranges a time for people to meet.(lunch time, after work)
  • Reminds people to bring their trainers (e mail, Facebook, Twitter, walking around the office)
  • Takes the equipment (simple playing bags available from your County Cricket Board)
  • Signposts to different playing opportunities
  • Becomes a participant as well

Fancy Dress Cricket

There may be a group of Sport Makers from your workplace/college/community who could take on different aspects of the cricket Sport Maker role.

What next

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