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Are you looking to organise some form of social cricket to encourage new people to play, or to tempt lapsed players back to the sport we love?

If so, here are a number of useful documents, links and snippets of information that may help you on your way:

Ideas for games – soft ball

Activator Cards (715 KB)
Batter v Fielder (194 KB)
Beat The Catches (200 KB)
Continuous Cricket (210 KB)
Cricket Circuit (208 KB)
Cricket Rounders (198 KB)

How To Do It

Danish Rounders (217 KB)
Diamond Cricket (551 KB)
Keep Your Yard Clean (211 KB)
Pairs Batting (198 KB)
Pairs Cricket (138 KB)
Easy Cricket Showcase (0.9 MB)
Street 20 Rules (1.1 MB)

Ideas for games - hard ball

Different Formats (34 KB)
Pairs Cricket (138 KB)
Pairs Batting (198 KB)

Calculating fixtures

You can use the functionality at


Scoresheet 1 (62 KB)
Scoresheet 2 (27 KB)
Scoresheet 3 (95 KB)
Scoresheet 4 (393 KB)
Pairs Scoresheet (37 KB)

Marketing to local companies

Participation Poster - Joy of Six (3.8 MB)
Participation Poster - Bored of the Gym (3.5 MB)
Easy Cricket Flyer (1.5 MB)
ECB Work Place Offer (770 KB)
How to Run a Club Based Event (30 KB)
Easy Cricket Kit Bags - Adult Participation Set (2.1 MB)

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