Drink mats encourage involvement

ECB have produced some specially designed drinks mats to help get across the many ways in which people can volunteer and get involved in cricket.

The 250,000 drinks mats have been distributed to all Cricket Development Managers and V Managers for them to distribute to clubs, pubs, university bars etc around the country to help encourage more people in to volunteering in cricket.

The drive is aimed particularly at community cricket clubs, especially those with a large percentage of 16 to 25 year olds.

ECB's national club development manager Dave Leighton said: "With a massive year of cricket ahead it seems sensible to look at the legacy for the game and build on the interest that this summer of cricket will create.

"There are some very positive messages and statistics that may encourage people to ‘be involved’ like never before.

"If we can encourage more young people to ‘be involved’ in key roles within community cricket clubs it may help the challenges that club committees may face in the future and enable the game of cricket to flourish for many years to come."

You can view the mats below:

Volunteer Beer Mat 1 Front

Volunteer Beer Mat 1 Back

Volunteer Beer Mat 2 Front

Volunteer Beer Mat 2 Back

Volunteer Beer Mat 3 Front

Volunteer Beer Mat 3 Back

Volunteer Beer Mat 4 Front

Volunteer Beer Mat 4 Back

And also download them as a PDF below:

Volunteer Drinks Mats (1.2 MB)