Be Involved - club recruitment posters

ECB have created some posters and postcards for cricket clubs to use when recruiting volunteers.

They cover a number of areas which are:

  • General Volunteering
  • Coaching
  • Grounds and Facilities
  • Building Partnerships between clubs and schools

Be Involved Poster

There is a poster for each area which can be downloaded as a word document so you can enter your club's details electronically, or as a PDF for you to print off and enter the details by hand.

There are also double-sided postcards for each of the four areas which are only available as a PDF and finally a concertina leaflet which is a fold out of all four posters in an A5 size with information on each area.

Please use these however you see fit to invite more volunteers to 'Be Involved' in your club, especially if you are in the process of organising your NatWest CricketForce event!

Download the posters:

'Be Involved' Posters (1.4 MB)
'Be Involved' Postcards (566 KB)
'Be Invloved' Concertina Leaflet (469 KB)
'Be Involved' Poster - Coaching (623 KB)
'Be Involved' Poster - Facilities and Grounds (635 KB)
'Be Involved' Poster - General Volunteering (549 KB)
'Be Involved' Poster - Partnerships (644 KB)

Volunteer Beer Mat 1 Front

Drink mats encourage involvement

ECB have produced some specially designed drinks mats to help get across the many ways in which people can volunteer and get involved in cricket