Calling all 16–25 year-olds


  1. Do you need something to boost your CV?
  2. Need some hands on experience to help support a job application?
  3. Have some time on your hands?
  4. What to have fun and meet new people?
  5. Gain new skills and develop existing ones?
  6. Are you applying to University and want to stand out?
  7. Are you: enthusiastic, reliable, genuine, organised and energetic?

Then the vCricket programme is for you and you don’t even need to know anything about cricket.

What is it?

The vCricket programme is here to introduce young people into cricket, offering a broad range of volunteering opportunities, providing: enjoyable, enhancing and sustainable programmes for both volunteers and clubs.

The vCricket programme will change the dynamic of the workforce to support the game. We will introduce more young people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, male and female, to help invigorate a vibrant club network.

vCricket awards

vCricket certificate 25

The V team has consulted and listened to lots of young people and we think we understand what it is that you want back from volunteering.

We have therefore set up the vCricket awards, which gives you recognition for completing 25, 50 and 100 hours.

All you need to do is contact the Cricket Development Managers at your local County Board to find a club and then obtain an hours book.

vCricket certificate 50

Then every time you volunteer in cricket you get your hours signed off by the volunteer co-ordinator at your club.

It really is that easy!

vCricket certificate 100

You then send in the slip at the back of the book and once you fill in our vCricket Survey Monkey we will send you a certificate and at 25 hours a vCricket polo shirt.

At 50 hours you get a certificate and vCricket hooded sweater and at 100 hours a certificate and limited edition silver pin badge.

There really is a role for everyone so get in touch with us!

You can be a part of this and by giving time (‘doing a favour’) to help your local community cricket club, you could be opening up a whole host of opportunities for yourself, both now and in the future?

You can make a difference; ‘do a favour’ for the local club.

Register your interest as a volunteer online now

If you are thinking about seeking a new job, entering university, starting a new school, working in sport or generally improving yourself, cricket clubs can provide the perfect opportunity to help you reach your goals and objectives.

For a more comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities please look at our example role descriptions.

Contacts for further information:

If you cannot find what you are looking for or have a question please contact your County Cricket Board (149 KB)