Communication with volunteers

It is vital to communicate clearly with all of your volunteers. Nothing frustrates a volunteer more than not being kept up to date or 'in the loop' – it is important to ensure that your volunteer workforce is included in the overall club communications and that the Club Volunteer Coordinator has regular contact with all the volunteers.

Top Tips for communication include the following:

  • Ensure all volunteers know the phone number/contact details of either a volunteer representative or the Club Volunteer Coordinator (communication should flow two ways and they need to be encouraged to keep in touch with the club, as well as the club keeping in touch with them).
  • Hold volunteer briefing meetings (these can be useful once or twice a year, but don't hold them too often).
  • Send messages by text and email (particularly popular with younger volunteers). Or put key messages on your club website if you have one
  • Include a volunteer page in the club newsletter.