Day of fun at Durham

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Pan Disability Cricket Family Fun Day

The Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground was host to a spectacular event as the first Pan Disability Cricket Family Fun Day took place on July 4 – and more than one hundred young children were brought together by the magic of cricket.

The Durham Cricket Board have been working in schools and other organisations for some time now and decided that this was a perfect opportunity to allow children to have a day of fun and introduce them to the many ways in which they can be involved with cricket.

Families from all over the North East were invited to take part in this free event which was available to children of all disabilities or impairments.

The day contained many varying forms of cricket which allowed children of all disabilities to participate and mix with other children to make new friends. The day began with the children being introduced to Table Cricket, a game which is mainly aimed at children with physical disabilities but due to its versatility and simple rules it is a great game that involves children with learning difficulties as well as other impairments.

The games were soon underway and the kids didn’t waste any time in showing off their array of talents. With the help of the many coaches and volunteers that were in attendance the standard of the games remained high further enhancing the growing reputation of table cricket, as well as unveiling some potential stars for the future.

After the fierce competition of the indoor games, the children were then given a once in a lifetime opportunity to grace the Durham playing field. The children participated in a host of fielding and throwing exercises with the high-quality coaches and with the help of some good weather, this was a huge success.

As the afternoon’s games started the heavens opened which has the potential to wreak havoc on any day, but the great enthusiasm of the children shone through and the conditions paled into significance.

The coaches were again at work and their plan of attack was a range of batting and bowling exercises, something the children again took to with great spirit.

The afternoon also saw the arrival of the Yorkshire Visually Impaired team, who were kind enough to play an exhibition match with some players who very soon hope to form the first Durham Visually Impaired team.

This fascinating encounter was also hit with the bad weather but the players showed their determination, opting to play throughout and show everyone in attendance the next step forward for Durham CCC.

The rain, however, began to pour and the kids were brought inside a little prematurely. This was not enough to in any way spoil what was a glorious day.

The kids were brought inside and a quick presentation was carried out where a few of the kids were rewarded for their excellent work, behaviour and effort throughout the day.

A huge thanks must be given to the sponsors of the day. Durham Cricket board for the organisation and hosting of the days event, npower for supplying the children with complimentary shirts and giving every child an Urban Cricket set.

Also thanks goes to vCricket, who made volunteers aware of the day’s events.

Without all of these sponsors this kind of day could not happen and cricket would be able to survive.