Getting started

Hello and welcome to the new volunteering section of the ECB website.

Our aim is to provide cricket clubs with all the help and support they would need to recruit and manage their volunteers effectively.

So before you start looking at the other sections of the volunteer website it is vital that your club has identified the roles you need to be filled and matched up your existing volunteers' skills with areas you may have some gaps.

We have developed a very simple interactive task that will help you to quickly identify exactly the roles you need filled and where you can recruit volunteers from within your club.

Just open this Know Your Volunteers (752 KB) document and spend five minutes completing it in as much detail as possible.

Cricket club

Without our fantastic army of volunteers club cricket simply wouldn’t exist, and the recruitment and retention of volunteers is one of the main issues highlighted by clubs. Volunteering and volunteer management is now firmly on the agenda for cricket, reflecting the importance of the role volunteers play in improving our clubs and communities.

We have recently developed a new e-learning course to provide clubs with clear support and advice about how to recruit, manage and retain volunteers.

The course is free to access and will take approximately 40 minutes to complete, but people can learn in their own time and at their own pace. Upon completion of the course, there are a number of documents, posters, and videos available to download, which will help you recruit more volunteers for your club.

To find out more and for information on how to register for the course, please contact your County Cricket Board (19 KB) (MS Excel).

Role Descriptions