North Maidenhead made up by BT volunteers

North Maidenhead CC

North Maidenhead Cricket Club, which is based in Berkshire, were pleased to benefit from BT Cricket Volunteer Day

North Maidenhead Cricket Club were given a boost when Graham O'Neill and his team of volunteers helped improve the facilities as part of BT Cricket Volunteer Day.

Cricket clubs rely heavily on volunteer support to help maintain and improve facilities for teams and encourage youth teams and new players.

"Our team day was very well received by all of those who volunteered, many of whom would be happy to contribute to any other clubs within the region that would need help," said O'Neill.

"I'd like to thank everyone for helping organise this event for myself and the other apprentices within my team.

"Thanks too to all at the club who were excellent hosts and for providing great hospitality and a brilliant lunch during the day.

"The team really enjoyed the experience."