Other organisations that can help

There are many organisations dedicated to supporting voluntary community groups and sports clubs, which means that you can get lots of additional help aside from the ECB and county boards. Below is a list of useful ones who you might like to check out.

Sport England

Sport England

Many clubs often struggle to find funding to cover the cost of training for a specific volunteering course. Sport England have a small grants scheme from which clubs can apply for between £300 to £10,000 to support covering the cost of training volunteers. To find out more click here.

Club Matters logo

Club Matters

Club Matters is a free programme that helps clubs with direct support in financial planning, marketing, governance and facility management. Club Matters provides grassroots community clubs with free training through online packages, workshops and one-to-one mentoring support to help all those involved in the day-to-day running of community sport. It is a fantastic programme which is providing many cricket clubs with much needed help and advice. For more information and to sign up for support through the Club Matters programme click here.

Volunteering England

Volunteering England

You will find lots of help and advice on this site including a wide variety of good practice resources, information on national and local campaigns, and an excellent range of case studies which you can access for those key hints and tips on managing volunteers. The site also contains a simple link to find your nearest volunteer centre. For more information click here.

Volunteer Centre

Local Volunteer Centres

In addition to helping you publicise opportunities to the recruit new volunteers, your local volunteer centre can also be an excellent source of help for training and development of existing volunteers. They offer a wide range of free or very affordable courses which you can access, such as fundraising and getting to grips with social media. Many centres also have a health check facility which will give you advice on how to best manage and look after your army of volunteers. To find your nearest volunteer centre click here.

V Cricket Logo


V is a national charity that offers young people easy access to a wide range of volunteering projects and programmes which will enable them to gain experience and self-confidence to improve their employability. They offer a wider range of support to young volunteers including training through the vInspired Talent and National Citizenship Service programmes and direct project funding of up to £500 through vCashpoint. To find out more about the support that vInspired can offer to young volunteers click here.

County Sport Partnerships

There are 49 County Sports Partnerships throughout the country and each include organisations from the local community, education and sports sectors that are committed to working together to develop sport and support volunteering within their county. They will offer a wide range of training and support for volunteers, from cheap and affordable courses, organising seminars and workshops as well as grants to support more expensive and specialist training. The level of support will differ somewhat between each County Sports Partnerships but they all will be committed to helping local volunteers within their counties. Click here to find the contact details for your relevant County Sports Partnership.