Outside organisations that can help

There are many organisations dedicated to supporting the voluntary community, which means that cricket clubs can get lots of additional help aside from the ECB and County Cricket Boards. Below is a list of useful organisations who you might like to consider.

These organisations specialise in the recruitment of volunteers for others so as a club you could register your vacant roles with them so they can signpost interested people.

Please take some time to look at the role descriptions listed in the Finding Volunteers section which you can adapt by adding your own club logo and contact details. This will help provide potential volunteers with all the information they will need as well present your club in a positive light.

Volunteer Centre

Volunteer Centres

Volunteer Centres can be an excellent source of help for your club when you are looking to find new volunteers. They can extend the range of people who volunteer in sport and may well be able to identify someone with specific skills who would not necessarily have found their way into sport or your Club. Derbyshire Cricket Board have been working closely with the local Volunteer Centres throughout the County for a number of years, and during this time many clubs have successfully advertised roles in their local volunteers. To find your local volunteer centre simply click on the Volunteering England link below and enter your postcode.



Volunteer centres use the national recruitment database known as Do-it.org. You can also use this remotely to advertise your club vacancies, or as an individual to search for an opportunity. Many other national organisations such as Sport Leaders UK encourage their candidates who have taken Sports Leadership courses to search for volunteering opportunities through the Do-it.org website. Please see below a number of examples of local cricket clubs using the site to advertise key volunteer roles.

Assistant Coach

School Co-ordinator

Business In The Community

Business in the Community

Business in the Community inspires, engages, supports and challenges companies to continually improve the impact they have on society and the environment. The support on offer ranges from business teams completing one off tasks within a community group (NatWest CricketForce) to ProHelp which offers community clubs free professional advice.

V Cricket Logo


V is an independent charity aiming to inspire a new generation of volunteers (aged 11 to 25) in England, and are experts at working with young people who want to make a difference in their local community. They have 275,000 registered young volunteers who have a wide range of skills and knowledge which could make a real difference to your club. You can register an opportunity at www.vispired.com.

Volunteering At Duffield

Community Payback

Community Payback

Offenders can be sentenced to do unpaid work that benefits the community, anything from 40 to 300 hours as part of their order. Offenders are supervised by a member of Probation Staff and must do a minimum of a day’s work – lasting at least six hours – once a week. All projects combine hard work and the chance for the participant to develop skills. It is also a punishment as the offender is giving up their freedom to carry out the work. Any member of the public can ask for the help of a Community Payback scheme to help with projects, repairing and redecorating and maintaining parks and pitches. Simply get in touch with your local Probation Service and register the project you would like help with.

Universities and Colleges

There are currently over one million young people aged between 16-25 unemployed within the United Kingdom and as a consequence of this the job market for this age group is extremely competitive and it is vital for young people to get work experience and enhance their CV before graduating. So whether it is a an IT student helping to set up your website, a marketing student helping to promote events to the club and community, or sports students helping with coaching and organising cricket festivals at your club - all clubs could benefit from students' knowledge and skills as well as providing young people with valuable work experience.

Work experience is now part of many college and NVQ qualifications which require students to carry out practical work experience as part of their studying; this varies from 30 to 60 hours depending on the qualification. Once again your club will be able to provide valuable experience to local students which will help them gain formal qualifications and build evidence for their portfolio.

One of the main successes recently has been the work many construction colleges have done in helping clubs renovate and upgrade their facilities as part of NatWest CricketForce with students and staff from the colleges providing free labour as part of the project.

Volunteers play a key role in cricket

Cricket clubs need volunteers to survive

Local Organisations, Charities, and Companies

Many cities, towns and regions often have local organisations and charities which can help recruit and place volunteers for your club. In addition many of the First Class Counties will be sponsored by large locally based companies who have Corporate Social Responsibility Policies which allow individuals and teams of employees time off to volunteer within the community.

For the best advice and support of which colleges, universities and local organisations might be able to help in your area, please get in touch with your County Cricket Board (19 KB).