Top Tips on how to make your roles more appealing

Role title

An opportunity has to attract people's attention in just a few seconds. If it looks interesting, they will want more information.

Use a descriptive, eye-catching title for the opportunity. Try to avoid generic opportunity titles such as 'Volunteer' or 'Admin assistant'.

Don't use all CAPITAL LETTERS - they make words more difficult to read and make it appear that you're shouting at people. Also avoid line breaks within this field.

Role description

Reading from a screen is harder than reading on paper. Research shows that most users scan pages, so opportunities that are concise and logical are much more likely to be read.


Keep this snappy and straight to the point. Make it clear what is required of the volunteer and how they will benefit from volunteering for this opportunity.

When writing an opportunity description, try to answer the following questions:

  • What does the role involve?
  • Who will the volunteer be working with?
  • What skills will they develop?
  • What benefit will their volunteering bring to the organisation, and to them personally?
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short and aim to keep the word count down. Always check spelling. It can help to think in terms of a paid job advert – i.e. really try to sell the opportunity.


This field should be used to specify any skills or qualifications the volunteer should have in order to perform this role.

Directions and availability

When writing an opportunity, try to be as specific as possible. Include directions for where the opportunity takes place. If you are advertising for the opportunity county-wide, it is advisable to indicate in the directions section where the opportunity is based. Also, remember to say when the opportunity is available.


Remember, well-written opportunities are far more likely to attract potential volunteers.


  • Make it sound interesting and appealing;
  • Use a concise and descriptive opportunity title;
  • Place important information at the start of the opportunity description;
  • Use short paragraphs and short sentences;
  • Keep the word count down;
  • Use an objective style;
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms;
  • Check spelling;
  • Include directions and availability.


  • Use generic opportunity titles, e.g. 'Admin volunteer', 'Volunteer';
  • Say in the opportunity title or description that volunteers are no longer needed - if the opportunity is not relevant anymore, make sure it is removed from the website;
  • Insert html links anywhere in the text;
  • Use graphics, logos or telephone numbers in the text of the opportunity.