Top Tips to becoming a volunteer

1. Think about what you want from volunteering

Perhaps you’re looking for an opportunity where you’ll make new friends, or gain work experience or new skills? Maybe it will be the chance to contribute to a cause that’s motivating you? ‘Do a favour’ for the local cricket club.

2. Think about what you have to offer

What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? What would you like to learn? You may have skills and qualifications that you can put to use within a cricket club.

3. There are no age limits to volunteering

There are no age limits to volunteering, but there can sometimes be difficulties for people under 16 or over 65, mostly for insurance reasons. If you have any concerns, ask the cricket club that you are seeking to ‘do a favour’ for.

4. The range of opportunities to volunteer is huge

Contact your County Cricket Board to talk about your volunteering; they will be able to find you a suitable club which will be easy for you to get to. Also check out some example role descriptions to get an idea of what might be available.

Register your interest as a volunteer online now

5. What next?

Once a club has been found you will need to meet with the club's volunteer co-ordinator to chat through what you want to do and what it is they need. They will probably show you around the club and introduce you to some other volunteers and members.

6. Good practice

Good practice means that the club will ask you to complete a Criminal Records Bureau check (CRB) before you begin your role and ask to see any relevant certificates (UKCC, safeguarding etc). Don’t let this put you off in any way; the ECB actively encourages all clubs to recruit in a safe and effective way.

It is also important that you complete a role agreement with the volunteer co-ordinator which will include the following:

  • agreed roles and tasks to be carried out
  • how often? (once a week, every other week)
  • how long you will undertake this role for? (maybe one season initially)
  • who your contact is within the club
  • how to claim out of pocket expenses
  • any additional training that you might like to undertake

7. Now you are ready to start

Enjoy your volunteering experience!