Welcoming your volunteers

V - inspiring A Million

The volunteer’s first experience within the club is a vital time in their retention and even the smallest club should have an induction process which provides all volunteers with information:

  • About the club structure
  • Club contacts, key people within the club
  • External contacts the individual may need to communicate with to carry out their role
  • Who will help them over the first few sessions (Supervisor)
  • Their responsibilities (a role outline)
  • Club policies (child protection, code of practice, etc)
  • Details of how to claim expenses, etc.

This is often called an 'Welcome Pack'. It will also help with the integration of the new volunteer if they have a main point of contact; this is when the recruitment of a volunteer coordinator is really useful. To aid in the process of inducting a new volunteer please view the ‘induction checklist’.

Do not assume that people who have been players at the club know about how it runs or the range of volunteer roles – ensure that they also have a supportive induction into the team.

Other information you may wish to provide the volunteer may include:

  • A list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of key contacts, within and outside the club relevant to their role
  • Provide details of meetings or events that they will need to attend
  • Provide details of key dates for example; the closing date for league affiliations, the first game of the season, etc
  • Make sure they know where to find the things they need to do the job (and how to work them) e.g. line marking equipment, first aid kit, computer, paperwork, stationery
  • Provide details of expenses that may be claimed and how to claim them. Issue them with an expense form
  • If appropriate to the job, provide information on club financial procedures, confidentiality and other operating policies such as child welfare protection practices
  • Provide some feedback on progress. People like to know how they are succeeding and to learn positively from any mistakes they have been making
  • Check that they understand exactly what they are meant to do