Rewarding achievements

V - inspiring A Million

There will be some volunteers who deserve a special award.

It may be because:

  • They never let you down, they are always there even though their role might not be seen as high-profile.
  • They took on a new role and made great efforts to develop the skills to do it well.
  • They are an example of good practice that the club wishes to promote. For example, a young person who has taken on a voluntary role.

Try to think of a prize or gift that is appropriate to the individual - a youngster might not appreciate a meal for two at a restaurant, but the Mum who has staffed the refreshments stand throughout the season would welcome being waited on!

A youngster might appreciate some sports kit or tickets for a premier league game. Maybe the club has a trophy designated for off the field team members, which can be awarded annually.

Make a special occasion of presenting awards, perhaps an awards evening or an annual general meeting.

Schools are usually pleased to hear about their pupils' out of school achievements and it may be possible to arrange to present your Young Volunteer of the Year with their prize at a school assembly.

County Awards

The County Boards would also like to recognise the efforts that volunteers make during the year.

Clubs are invited to nominate individuals whom they feel have made a significant contribution to any aspects of their activities throughout the season. Simple forms are available from the CDMs and an example is available here:

County Awards nomination form (72 KB)

NatWest OSCAs - Outstanding Service to Cricket Award

The ECB will be looking to recognise the contributions of volunteers by making national commendations from those gaining County Awards.

Those receiving national recognition may be invited to a suitable occasion to mark the contribution they have made. They may also be nominated for a NatWest OSCA - Outstanding Service to Cricket Award!

See our OSCAs section for more details