Volunteer Expenses

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Clubs should offer to pay out of pocket expenses to volunteers. The procedure for claiming
expenses should be simple and known to the volunteers.

Travel Costs

May be incurred through attendance at a regional or national event. They may also apply to volunteers such as Cricket Volunteer Coordinators working over large geographical areas.

Train, bus or coach fares

In the case of these being incurred, the cost of a standard return fare will be refunded. Wherever possible travel should be booked a week in advance in order to benefit from advance booking fare rates.

Fuel cost
Should be reimbursed. Details regarding the start and end point of the journey should be recorded as well as the number of miles driven.


Phone calls and postage may be claimed as long as a valid receipt can be provided.
To reclaim expenses the volunteer must complete an expense form and attach receipts. This should be handed in to the Volunteer Coordinator within a month. Each club has different policies with reimbursement of expenses.

An expenses form template file can be downloaded below:

Volunteer Expenses Form (164 KB)