ECB volunteer recruitment programme

Without our fantastic army of volunteers, club cricket simply wouldn’t exist. This section aims to give you all the help advice and support you will need to get more people involved in volunteering at your club.

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Play Your Part

Play Your Part is specifically designed to target current members from your club who may not currently be volunteers. This is because these club members are often the easiest people to persuade to take on volunteer roles as they have a vested interest in seeing the club grow and develop and are often just waiting to be asked.

Play Your Part focuses on targeting four key groups within your club - young people, captains and players, parents and senior or retired members.

Each of the groups has its own individual set of resources which will help you market opportunities and recruit more volunteers.

Having completed the 'Know Your Volunteers' worksheet in the 'Getting Started' section think very carefully about what roles your club needs and which of these groups it would be best to target for each specific role. Maybe it’s time to look at who can help you from within your club?

Young People

Captains And Players